Rejuvenate Boutique
Rejuvenate Boutique
Rejuvenate Boutique downtown Forest City, home of Body & Skin Rejuvenation, provides Massage and Skincare in a feel good, fun and relaxing atmosphere while providing many natural, organic and cruelty free products!

Body & Skin Rejuvenation

Body & Skin Rejuvenation is a Boutique in downtown Forest City providing Massage Therapy and Skincare Services in a relaxing, feel good and fun atmosphere as well as Professional Skincare Products, Organic Make-up, Vital Proteins, Fashion Jewelry and more!

This is an investment in yourself because you're worth it and sometimes it takes a connection and support with the right therapist to guide you on this journey. 

It's my goal to help you love your body & skin!
If you're ready for healthy, glowing skin and tension free body, contact me today!